Women’s Clutch Purses

A clutch purse is a small flat bag usually without a strap that you hold with your fingers or under your arm. They don’t have to be formal evening bags as they are sometimes referred to, and are a smaller sized purse with or without a handle, strap or wristlet. Dressed up or casual they can be used with any type of outfit. A variety of fabric is available along with colors and styles including plain or embellished with decorations. Below is a purple beaded vintage clutch with a snap closure and small handle. Along with using it for formal wear, it would look great with a casual outfit giving it some decor.

Vintage Floral Purple evening bag

Clutches are great for carrying what you need for that day or evening when you don’t want every single thing used in a larger bag. There are some who prefer to only use this size and it’s all they need, especially if a briefcase is part of your daily attire and other necessities are placed into it. The pink leather clutch has a circle handle that folds down. It comes with a long strap and has a flap closure.

Pink leather clutch with circle handle

Women’s clutch purses can resemble wallets with zipper or snap closures, a flap over strap, a small wristlet or hoop. They can be flat, long, short, wide and would benefit any bag collection addition. Rummaging through your bag isn’t needed when it’s at hand and within reach. There are versions that have a removable long strap converting the clutch into a crossbody hands-free bag as well. Whatever you are comfortable and happy with is all that matters. The gold embossed clutch is leather and has a gold chain strap that can be left inside or out and has pearl accents.

Quilted Gold leather lambskin clutch with pearl decor

Main items that can fit in a clutch are cell phones, keys, lipstick, cash can go into a zippered pocket or small coin purse fitting in the clutch and a couple of tissues. You can go from day to evening after work or anywhere, being the perfect size. They aren’t always readily available depending on the store, location for popularity and of course they can be purchased online. This black embossed leather clutch is similar to the gold one, but is more casual with a different pattern. The chain strap adds some bling dressing it up and without the strap it dresses it down. Below is the clutch laying down showing the chain strap.

Black lambskin leather embossed clutch with chain strap

Whether plain or embellished, both styles will work for what you choose to wear. An embellished clutch would look great with a pair of jeans over having a plain bag. When you are going out for a formal evening a plain look may be better if you have something fancy on. You don’t want to over-do the decor with your outfit and accessories it may be too much.

Black lambskin leather clutch with chain strap laying down

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  1. Irma


    Great post!
    I love that vintage beaded clutch, and I search out those types of bags whenever I can because they are so adorable, and I already have a few!
    I have to force myself to use bags like this because I am naturally inclined to carry every item that I might possibly need and they are great for practicing minimalism.
    Is it possible to find clutch bags that are not too fussy looking? Who might offer something like that online?

    1. Patsy


      Hi Irma thank you, I’m happy you liked my post.

      I know what it’s like to throw everything in your bag when it’s larger. I have a few of each including the clutch size which is so much more practical.

      I have a great merchant BAGINC and if you click on the ‘Women’s Purses and Handbags’ link at the end of the post it will take you to the BAGINC banner where you will find plenty of plain clutches that also come with longer straps you can attach. Just click on the one you like and more colors and information for it will come up. There is also the option to click on the banner to the right on my sidebar. eBags is also on my sidebar and they have great selections as well. Both merchants have great prices to suit everyone’s budget!

      Thanks for stopping by to share and leaving a comment!

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