Types Of Leather For Bags

There are many different types of leather currently being used, from the highest quality to the lowest grade. These include full-grain leather, top-grain, suede, genuine or ‘corrected’ grain and bonded leather. Full-grain leather is at the top of the chain for quality and refers to […]

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Bags For Men A Huge Market

Men’s bags and accessories have become a huge market, and not long ago they would only use their pockets or a wallet. As time evolved and the use for more space was needed, like having to carry more items for example, hair grooming products, combs, […]

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Unisex Bags

With all the women’s and men’s bags available, there are many to choose from between both sexes that can be used by each other. You would think a color like pink would deter a man from buying a bag he likes but it doesn’t. I […]

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