Crochet Style Handbags

Not all crochet style bags are made from the original crochet thread, but from other materials. There aren’t many of these original purses or handbags around unless they are found at a thrift store, you find someone who still makes them or you crochet your […]

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Bags For Mobile Devices

Over the years mobile devices often changed and when you buy a bag or a case to carry them in, they most likely won’t fit the next device you purchase. Changes can be from the size of the case, to thickness and width giving you many options to choose from for you needs. […]

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Painting Leather Handbags-Video

If you are thinking of letting your well-used handbags go because they look bland and you have lost interest, I found a video for those who like to be creative. You don’t have to be a professional to start painting leather handbags but be open […]

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Travel Bag Accessories

When it comes to travel by air, water, road including by bus, train, a mobile RV home, your vehicle or while away for school, staying organized with your necessities is important. Planning goes a long way for feeling safe and secure while being away from […]

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Bag Protectors And Organizers

Bag protectors and organizers are for both women and men’s bags. The market for men has gone up over the years and they have just as many selections to choose from as women do. Taking care of your investments is important to keep them looking […]

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Men’s Bags And Belts

Buying men’s bags based on that season used to only be a woman’s shopping task at one time. Whether the search was at the stores or on-line, most guys won’t bother especially if they don’t mind what the look is old or new. For others, […]

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Women’s Clutch Purses

A clutch purse is a small flat bag usually without a strap that you hold with your fingers or under your arm. They don’t have to be formal evening bags as they are sometimes referred to, and are a smaller sized purse with or without […]

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Unisex Outdoor Activity Bags

The outdoor activity bags I’m featuring in this article are from eBags. They are more than just hiking packs, they can be used anywhere. Nylon and Polyester are the best choices for fabric since they are durable and waterproof. The descriptions for each are only […]

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